Why Do Patients Choose Hadassah Medical Center?

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Hadassah advantages: diagnostics and treatment in Israel

University hospital of Hadassah in Jerusalem is one of the largest and most authoritative hospitals in Israel and all of Middle East, and is well-known as the world leader in the area of medical research. The history of Hadassah counts back over 100 years. The hospital serves as a clinical research base for the School of Medicine of the University of Jerusalem.

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Why do patients choose Hadassah in Jerusalem?

Hadassah medical center is a tertiary hospital and represents over 100 years top quality of treatment.

It is not an accident that political and civil leaders, media celebrities, prominent athletes from all over the world turn to us for help.

  • Implementation of the new technologies in the fields of medicine and healthcare, along with highly professional standard of service, as well as attention to patients’ needs have always made Hadassah preferred choice.
  • Academic medicine is put to daily practice here: while Hadassah has the status of clinical research base for the University of Jerusalem, it enjoys all the advantages this title promises. Why is it so prestigious to be a clinical research base for a medical university? First of all, it means that the patients are seen by the specialists with advanced academic degree and extensive experience in research as well as applied medicine.

Patients from all over the world speak of Hadassah Medical Center

Please see below a list of Hadassah’s medical accomplishments. These milestones are rather self-evident:

1964 — First successful double shunting in Israel

1967 — First successful kidney transplant in Israel

1977 — First successful bone marrow transplant

1983 — First Israeli child born due to artificial insemination

1986 — First successful heart transplant

1992 — First heart and lungs combined transplant that has been done in Israel

2003 — Treatment of fractures by bone growth induced by stem cells

2004 — Treatment of neurological conditions using embryo stem cells

2004 — First computer-conducted him replacement surgery in the world

2005 — Genetic therapy of cancer, anemia and hereditary conditions

2007 — Developed Crone disease vaccine

2008 — First successful pregnancy following genetic testing of the egg.

2009 — Hadassah opens first in Israel fertility clinic for AIDS patients

2012 — Revolutionary treatment for metastatic melanoma

And the list is far from complete.

Our patients speak

Говорят наши пациентыFeedback by a patient from Romania who underwent endovascular surgery for revascularization  (rechanneling of the blood vessel, recreating a space) done by inserting stents in the Neurology department of Hadassah Hospital. The surgery was brilliantly carried out by Professor Jose Koen.

“I came to Israel carried on a gurney, but I walked to the plane that flew me back to Bucharest; I didn’t even need a cane. It is a miracle — and if I had stayed in Romania, today I would not be alive.”

Numbers and Facts

Throughout a year, over a million patients are being treated in our medical center.

  • 5 000 healthcare professionals
  • 1149 beds
  • 31 surgery rooms
  • 9 specialized ICUs
  • 120 outpatient clinics
  • over 70 specialized departments and sub-departments

Steady growth in the numbers of treated patients

Patients go to the doctors they trust

The number of patients seen by the hospital grows every year; the number of applications is growing, so is the number of procedures.

For example, from 2009 to 2014 the number of surgeries grew from 29 173 to 30 929, the number of oncology and hematology patients, seen in the day clinic — from 23 918 to 36 219.

The staff of our medical center provides quality and professional medical help to everyone who needs it — this includes Israeli citizens as well as foreign patients, regardless of their race, gender or religion. Our specialists speak many foreign languages, including Russian and English.

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